Cosplay Ear Shop

Welcome to our Onlineshop! Candy Zombies offers high quality Cosplay accessories like faux fur ears, fluffy tails or cute collars handmade in Germany. We have a lot of  ready to ship and also offer made-to-order and custom made ears and collars especially for you!

What's new?


For the impatient kitten ready-to-ship ears with their shorter delivery times are the perfect start. It's also the place to find unique and one-of-a-kind designs!


These ears will be made especially for you! Changes (e.g. bow color, piercings) are possible. Processing times for those items might be longer

Big Puffy Paws

Amazing oversized puffy paws. We have several color options available. Pick a premade design or completely design your own paws today!

Ear Holders

You already got all the ears you could wish for, but no place to put them? We gotchu covered, fam! Browse our variety of headband holders to store all your precious ears.

About my Products

When shopping at Candy Zombies you can be sure to receive high quality faux fur ears and fluffy cosplay tails made with the best vegan fake fur available. In our online shop you can choose from a wide variety of unique cat ears, cute bunny headbands and cool neko collars ready to ship. A lot of our Kemonomimi items can also be customized and will be handmade for you.
We offer high quality fursuit paws with several shapes to choose from, like puffy handpaws, digigrade feetpaws or plantigrade paws.

All our products are handmade from scratch, which means you can directly influence our creations, have custom colors and custom shapes made for you and give feedback on all the steps of the crafting process.

About Me

Hello! My name is Katja and I create high quality faux fur ears, cosplay tails and other handmade Kemonomimi accessories in my little studio in Baunatal, Germany.
I am a perfectionist and therefore strive to always provide the best quality with everything I create. It is my goal to offer unique designs to individuals who love to express themselves through fashion and unique styles, so they can be their utmost self.

By shopping at Candy Zombies you are supporting a small business with a real person having dreams and aspirations behind it.

Read more about my story here.