About Me

Hi, my name is Katja and I create high-quality Kemonomimi accessories.

Kemonomimi is Japanese and translates to „animal ears“. The concept of depicting human-like characters with animal ears is very popular in Japan, but also a growing phenomenon worldwide, which has affected me as well.

At 3 years old I wore my first cat-costume for a costume-party in kindergarden and it should set the tone for my future life. I taught myself how to sew to create my own outfits for halloween parties, cosplay conventions, or just any excuse I could find.

What started out as a hobby, should become a major passion in my life. So even when I studied Biology, the topic of sewing never left my mind. That’s why, after finishing my studies, I decided to start my own business, so I could share my passion for colorful handmade designs with the world.

It took me several years to perfect my method for crafting animal ears. Being a perfectionist I pride myself in my clean style and quality craft(wo)manship and using only the highest quality materials. My elaborate and playful designs are inspired by Pastel Goth, Fairy-Kei, Harajuku-fashion and other subcultures. I am open-minded to a lot of styles and love creating original one-of-a-kind designs from scratch as well as customer-influenced pieces. My work gives me amazing opportunities to collaborate with other creatives who value their input and influence in the whole work process to make a piece truly theirs

I have over 10 years of professional work experience and have worked with thousands of customers. Read some of their testimonials here:

"These are everything I could have wanted them to be and more. I am currently crying tears of joy. They are so well made and so beautiful. Thank you so much."

"Super-friendly contact, absolutely clean and high-quality workmanship and lovingly packaged. This makes shopping a real pleasure. Anytime gladly again."

"Absolutely gorgeous!! The fur is so soft, the colors are vivid and vibrant, and the heart ring is such a nice touch. Pictures don't do it justice!"

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