STEP 4 - Choose your Sprinkles! - RAINBOW SPRINKLES


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Delivery Time 5 - 6 Weeks

Choose this option, if you want colorful rainbow sprinkles on your ears. These are my regular sprinkles I used for the candy ears so far.

About the preorder:

The Candy Ears preorder is for custom candy themed ears: You will receive one pair of ears in the shape and colors of your choice. Each pair of ear will be decorated with cute detachable satin bows with matching candy accessories on them. There will be some artistic liberty included in making these ears! You will receive pictures before I send out your ears.
Please make sure, you also purchase an ear shape (Step 1), a faux fur color (Step 2) and a melty color (Step 3).
If you do not choose any ear shape (Step 1), I can't make the ears for you :(
If you fail to choose anything for steps 2-4 I will make it a surprise for you!

In detail, you need to follow these steps:

STEP 1: Choose your desired ear shape. You can choose from bunny, kitten and teddy bear ears. Add your desired ear shape to basket.

STEP 2: Choose your desired faux fur color! There are 16 colors available. This will be the color of the back of your ears and also most of the front color of your ears. Add your desired faux fur to your basket.
If you do not choose any of the other options from steps 3-4 I will add white melty color with rainbow sprinkles.

STEP 3: Choose your desired melty color by adding it to your basket. You can choose from 14 colors. Some colors may be limited. White & chocolate brown will be available without limit. If you do not choose a melty color, your ears will get white melty color!

STEP 4: Choose your sprinkles: I have a selection of sprinkles available, some may be limited in availability. If you do not choose sprinkles, your ears will get standard rainbow sprinkles. You can also choose the "no sprinkles"-option.

If you followed all steps you should have 4 items in your basket. Well done, you're ready to check out!

Not actual food! These sprinkles are made from polymer clay and are not edible.