Collar Choker in Red Green Black with Spikes Watermelon themed


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Cute ruffled kitty choker in red and green with bows, spikes and chains.

Product information:

Cute ruffled kitty choker inspired by watermelons! The red and green choker features a big bow and an O-Ring with a black bell in the front. Chains are attached to two more O-Rings on the side. The choker is decorated with several black spikes on the sides. In the back it has two D-Rings that can be tied together with black satin ribbon.

The inside has been lined with red satin ribbon, so it won't feel scratchy to the skin. The choker is very sturdy and tug proof. Height is about 2.5 cm (1 inch).

This choker is one-of-a-kind. The length is approx. 31 cm (12,2 inches). It will also fit larger neck circumferences.


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Length: approx. 31 cm (12,2 inches)


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1x Kitty Chocker in Red and Green with Ruffles, Bows, Spikes and chains.

Decorations not included.


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100% polyester