Add-on: 3 mm High Quality Rhinestone 5 colors available - 2022151

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Delivery Time 1 - 2 Weeks

Add on: 3 mm high quality rhinestone available in 5 colors

Product Information

3 mm (approx. 0,1 inches) quality brand rhinestone as an optional add-on for ears, collars or bows.
Price is for one (1) rhinestone. Please choose the desired amount and color (or colors) from the menu. Make sure to add specifications on where to place the rings on your ears, collar or bow.

Example: Order 2 rhinestones in the color "raven" together with a pair of ears and specify that you want the rhinestones on the tip of each ear - one rhinestone will added to each tip of the ears according to your specifications.

No ears, collar, bow or decorations included. You need to order this add-on together with ears, collar or bow. If you order only a rhinestone, you will receive only a rhinestone :)

Make sure to leave a comment when checking out, if you have specific wishes. You can always message us directly, if you have any questions!

CRYSTAL: Clear rhinestone with a white, silvery reflection
PRISM: Clear rhinestone reflecting in rainbow colors (blue, orange, green, etc.)
CORAL: Rhinestone with an orange base and a blue reflection
ARCTIC: Blue rhinestone with a blue reflection
RAVEN: Black Rhinestone with a gray/white reflection