Kitty Collar Choker Yellow Baby pink (32 cm/12.5 inches) with Ruffles Bow Bell - 2022122

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Kitty collar in yellow & baby pink with gold-colored hardware.

Product Information

Cute ruffled kitty choker in a soft pastel yellow and baby pink with gold-colored hardware. The choker is made from satin and velvet ribbon and features a big bow and an O-Ring with a bell in the front. In the back it has two D-Rings that can be tied together with satin ribbon.
The inside has been lined with soft satin ribbon, so it won't feel scratchy to the skin. The choker is very sturdy and tug proof. Height is about 2.5 cm (1 inch).

Total length: approx. 32 cm/12.5 inches - fits a neck of 32 cm or more.

Material: 100% polyester