10 Slot Ear Hanger Headband Organizer Ear Holder Baby Pink & Lavender - 2022132

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Headband Organizer with 10 slots in baby pink & lavender with snaps. Length: 90 cm (35 inches). Material: 100% Polyester

Product Information

This baby pink and lavender ear holder is perfect to store and display your most precious headbands on your wall. 

Made from lace and polka dot ribbon and decorated with several bows, the  headband organizer can hold 10 pairs of ears. The individual headband straps are closed with lavender plastic snaps. The top is decorated with a big bow and a glitter bunny head. The headband organizer is reinforced with webbing to be extra sturdy!

This ear hanger has a length of approx. 90 cm (35 inches) with 10 slots for 10 headbands.

Attach the hanger to a nail on the wall via the D-Ring at the top.

Decorations and ears not included!

Material: 100% Polyester